Mel Maarek

Bleu Bikinis

Bleu Bikinis is a Spanish Swimwear company, its roots are a blend of Mediterranean culture with a Los Angeles upbringing. Bleu Bikinis is a brand that takes pride in their expressive and colorful swimwear as well as beach wear, providing fun and lasting pieces.


A mix of a dream-like and colorful world of sunsets and beach days that are create lasting memories.

Visual Identity

Bleu Bikinis is a brand full of color and emotion, in order to bring those qualities to life, an introduction video was created for the brand to further show the lifestyle that Bleu represents.

Logo & Color

The logo alludes to the sea with its water like essence and wave form which gives it a youthful and fun appearance. The brand’s color palette was highly inspired by the mediterranean scenery of crystal blue waters and warm summer days.


The website was designed with a fun and minimalistic approach to allow the images and products to be displayed and yet connect with the brand’s values and journey through the gallery page.