Mel Maarek

Mel Maarek is a multimedia designer from Spain, currently based in Madrid. She is passionate about different means of story telling and creating work in the areas of branding, motion graphics, editorial and photography. In order to best suit each project and fully capture the essence of the idea or project in its ideal form she enjoys experimenting with various means of design such as artistic or commercial, as well as analogue or digital creative processes.


Freelance Graphic Designer

June 2023 – Currently  

Graphic Designer | Bleu Bikinis 

Jan. 2021 – June 2023 

Image editor / Web consultant | GTFO It’s Vegan  

September 2020 – July 2022

Junior Graphic Designer | Aracnofobia 

June – Aug. 2019 | Madrid


Creative Direction

Visual Identity

Website Design + Development

Layout Design


Video + Image Editing

Motion Graphics

Content Creation

Social Media Management


Fabrica Research Center | Residency 

Sep. 2021 – Mar. 2022 | Treviso, Italy

Bachelor in Graphic and Multimedia Design

UDIT – University of Design Innovation and Technology

Madrid, Spain

Mobile Film Festival | Finalist | 2021

Feel Motion Shortfilm | Commercial | 2020

Feel Motion Shortfilm | Commercial | 2018