Mel Maarek

Maison Palm

Maison Palm is an exclusive members club for those who are looking for a tropical escape in one of the most mesmerizing islands of Costa Rica, Tortuga.


This emerging members club is targeted to a new bold generation of open minded individuals to connect and explore with themselves, others, and the destination. 



Logo & Icon

For this new members club the mission was to express a classic and elegant essence with a contemporary flare. The typeface “NT Epika” was selected due to it’s classic serif yet modern aproach.


In addition to the wordmark logo, an icon was created from the bold and characteristic “o” in this font and used to represent a sun alluding to the tropical location.

Color Palette

For a bold and innovative color palette, a powerful and bright sunset red is used as the brand’s signature color partnered with a neutral sand tone. A muted down palm green is used as an alternative hue for other branding items as a supporting color along with a pastel blue to add a refreshing tone to various details.

Font Family

The font family of “NT Epika” is used for the logo, as well as in display texts in advertising and in some branding elements such as name tags, business cards, invitations and other stationary.

The font family “PP Mori” is the brand’s main typeface for text, some examples are advertising copy, small text within brand elements and stationary.


Branding Elements