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Mad Cool Festival

Mad Cool is a Spanish music festival held in Madrid. This event was founded in 2016 making it a more novel and lesser known festival worldwide.  In addition to the new logo, a promo video for the festival along with animated posters have been produced in order to further express the visual identity of the festival’s brand and advertising style. 

Promo Video

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Logo & Color Palette

Music Festival Mad cool logo rebranding 2021 new modern design

In order to make the festival more visually modern and distinctive a rebranding was made using two types of fonts and customizing them to create a logo that emits a feeling of flow and vibration. The overall look of the new identity is innovative and contemporary which alludes to the music wave and the new artist this festival aims bring to their lineups.

Animated Posters

App Design

A mobile app was designed so the public could access the festivals information of the artists line up as well as the schedule. From the app user are also able to purchase the tickets for the festival as well as see news about the festival’s guest artist through the year. 

What would aUX and UI for Mad cool App look like for the new rebranding of the festivals brand identity

Brand elements and Merchandise

Various aspects of the music festival’s identity were carefully taken into consideration such as the wristbands which are radio controlled LED that display different colored lights to create a visual experience at night. In addition, passes for VIP, press, and artists have been created as well as T-shirt designs.

how will music festivals take the custumer experience to the next level with LED wristbands
Mad cool 2021 music festival badge and credentials for rebranding
Modern fashion festival merch
high fashion festival merch
High fashion style outtake for Mad Cool 2021 merchandise T-shirt with the headliners.
High fashion music festival tshirt merchandise